UN peace and security youth resolution

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The UN Youth, Peace, and Security Resolution is a United Nations resolution adopted by the UN Security Council in 2015 (Resolution 2250) and subsequent resolutions in 2018 (Resolution 2419) and 2020 (Resolution 2535). The resolution recognizes the important role that young people can play in promoting peace and security around the world, and calls for their increased participation in decision-making processes related to peace and security.

The resolution identifies five key pillars for action:

Participation: The resolution emphasizes the importance of including young people in peacebuilding efforts at all levels, including in decision-making processes, conflict prevention, and post-conflict reconstruction.

Protection: The resolution calls for measures to protect young people from violence, discrimination, and other forms of human rights abuses in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Prevention: The resolution highlights the need to address the root causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, and exclusion, and to promote social and economic development as a means of preventing conflict.

Partnership: The resolution recognizes the importance of partnerships between governments, civil society organizations, and young people themselves to promote sustainable peace and security.

Disengagement and reintegration: The resolution calls for measures to support the disengagement and reintegration of young people who have been involved in armed groups or other violent activities, and to provide them with opportunities for education, training, and employment.
Overall, the UN Youth, Peace, and Security Resolution seeks to empower young people to take an active role in promoting peace and security around the world, and to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

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